Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection

Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection, coauthored with Ramine Nikoukhah of INRIA-Rocquencourt, has been published by Princeton University Press in their Series in Applied Mmathematics. Additional information will be avilable on this page including updated versions of the text files for the programs in Chapter 5. Scilab 3.0 has been released during the summer of 2004. There have been several changes and improvements in its graphics capabilities from Scilab 2.7. Since graphical output is a key part of the programs described in the book, it has been decided to rewrite them using 3.0 commands. They should be posted here in late 2004. Additional Scilab programs and some preprogrammed examples will be added on an ongoing basis.

Copies may be ordered directly from Princeton University Press.

Errata: Reports of errata are welcome. A pdf list of known errata can be downloaded.