Modeling and Simulation with Compose and Activate

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Modeling and Simulation with Compose and Activate, coauthored with Ramine Nikoukhah of Altair Engineering was published by Springer in January of 2019. Available in hard cover and e-book. .

This book provides a tutorial in the use of Compose and Activate, software packages that provide system modeling and simulation facilities. Advanced system modeling software provide multiple ways of creating models: models can be programmed in specialized languages, graphically constructed as block-diagrams and state machines, or expressed mathematically in equation-based languages. Compose and Activate are introduced in this text in two parts. The first part introduces the multi-language environment of Compose, in particular the Open Matrix Language (OML) available also as an open-source project, and its use for modeling, simulation and optimization. The second part describes the graphical system modeling, simulation and optimization tool Activate: an open-system environment providing signal-based modeling as well as physical system component-based modeling. Throughout both parts are examples from mechanical, biological, and electrical systems, as well as control and signal processing systems. This book will be an invaluable reference with many examples both for those just interested in OML and for those doing industrial scale modeling, simulation, and design. All examples are worked using the free basic editions of Activate and Compose that are available by download.

ISBN 978-3-030-04885-3 (E-book)

ISBN 978-3-030-04884-6 (Hardcover)

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