Graduate Students

Following is a list of current and former graduate students and their MS Projects and Ph.D. Thesis.

Ph.D. Students
  1. Kenneth D. Clark, The Numerical Solution of Linear Time Varying Singular Systems of Differential Equations by Difference Methods, 1986.

  2. William J. Terrell, Observability and External Descriptions of Linear Time Varying Singular Control Systems, 1990.

  3. Edward Moore, Constraint Preserving Multistep Integrators for Differential Algebraic Equations, 1994.

  4. Wieslaw Marszalek, Analysis of Partial Differential Algebraic Equations, 1997.

  5. Yangchun Zhong, Efficient Numerical Solution of General Higher Index Differential Algebraic Equations, 1997.

  6. Kevin D. Yeomans, Initialization Issues in General Differential Algebraic Equation Integrators, 1997.

  7. Neil D. Biehn, Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Stiff and State Constrained Optimal Control Problems, Operations Research Program. 2001.

  8. Kirk G. Horton, Fault Detection and Model Identification in Linear Systems, Operations Research Program. 2001.

  9. Kimberly Drake, Analysis of Numerical Methods for Fault Diagnosis and Model Identification in Linear Systems with Delays,, AMA, 2003.

  10. Anna Engelsone, Direct Transcription Methods in Optimal Control: Theory and Practice, Operations Research Program, 2006.

  11. Dongkyoung (Annie) Choe, Digital Signal Design for Fault Detection in Linear Continuous Dynamical Systems, Operations Research Program, 2007.

  12. Ivan Andjelkovic, Auxiliary Signal Design for Fault Detection for Nonlinear Systems: Direct Approach, AMA, 2008

  13. Kelly Sweetingham, Auxiliary Signal Design for Fault Detection in Nonlinear Systems, AMA, 2008

  14. Irfan Okay, The Additional Dynamics of the Least Squares Completions of Linear Differential Algebraic Equations, MA, 2008.

  15. Martene Fair, Active Incipient Fault Detection With Multiple Simultaneous Faults, AMA, 2010.

  16. Karen Bobinyec, Observer Construction for Systems of Differential Algebraic Equations using Completions, AMA, 2013.

  17. Karmethia Thompson, Solving Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Time Delay Systems with a Direct Transcription Approach, AMA, 2014.

  18. Jason Scott, Fault Detection in Differential Algebraic Equations, AMA, 2015.

  19. Claire Digirolamo, Current Student AMA,

MS Students
  1. Benjamin Hoyle, Numerical Algorithms in Implicit Dynamics, 1985.

  2. Kevin D. Yeomans, Use of Orthogonal Functions with Singular Systems, 1987.

  3. Nur Azlina Bt. Abd. Aziz, Weighted and Unweighted Least Squares Problems and Methods for Solving Them, 1987.

  4. Engku Abu Bakar, The Generalized Inverse in Linear Programming, 1988.

  5. Li Wang, The numerical solution of high index, nonlinear singular systems of differential equations, 1990.

  6. David S. Torain II, A Catch-Rate Model For Fisheries, 1995.

  7. Richard Hollenbeck, A Computational Comparison of RADAU5 and Explicit Integration of the Completion of Hessenberg DAE Systems, 1997.

  8. Melissa M Campolattaro, Control of a Thermal Reactor, 2001.

  9. Benjamin Hannas, Investigation of Active Failure Detection Algorithms, 2006.

  10. Karen Bobinyec, Fuel Desulfurization Modeling: Probabilities and Sulfur Adsorption, 2008.

  11. Lise Holte, Non-repeating Eigenvalues of Systems of Differential Algebraic Equations and Their Completions, 2013.

  12. Somrita Chattopadhyay, Model Discrimination Using Bounded Error Estimation Approach, 2015