Art Work

The following links connect to some of the pictures I have done over the last few years. These are obviously the work of a beginner. However, I enjoy looking at pictures and for whatever reason, these particular ones still give me some pleasure. Perhaps others might find something amusing or interesting. There are a few others to be added but I am still trying to get decent digital pictures without a lot of reflection.

All pictures are done in acrylics. Comments are included with some of the pictures.

NOTE: Pictures are actually fairly large so they are set to rescale to your browser window. All pictures are rectangular. Pictures labeled [T] are taller than they are wide and will scale to full window height. Those labeled [W] are wider than tall and will scale to full window width. If the full picture does not show make your browser window wider for [T] and taller for [W]. Increasing your browser window size will increase picture size.